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Custom Work

Leo Bernard is Madison Park Jewelers resident jeweler. He can both design and manufacture a piece of jewelry that is singularly perfect for you. Below are a few examples of some of Leo's own designs.

Designs by Leo

Jewelry Production

Jewelry is produced by one of two methods or a combination of the two.

The first process is called the lost wax process. The lost wax process begins with making a three-dimensional model out of wax. This is then placed into a flask and investment (similar to wet plaster) is poured over it. Once hardened the flask is then placed in an oven and the wax melted out to create a hollow replica of the model within the now dried investment. After the wax has completely melted away molten metal (gold, platinum, etc.) is poured into the mold. Once the metal has cooled the flask is dipped in water where the investment dissolves away leaving the raw casting. The piece is then cleaned and assembled, gemstones are set then the completed piece is polished and texture or engraving is added.

The second process is called jewelry fabrication. In this process the jewelry is constructed directly from raw gold or platinum components in the form of wire, flat metal sheets or a variety of pre-made jewelry components. Once fabricated stones are set and piece is polished as in the lost wax process.